„W coachingu chodzi o jak najlepsze wykorzystanie własnych możliwości przy indywidualnym i osobistym wsparciu osoby, która będzie stawiać przed Tobą wyzwania, stymulować i prowadzić na drodze stałego rozwoju”.

Gerard O’Donovan

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Executive & Corporate Coach Diploma® (E&CCD®)


Dla kogo?

Executive & Corporate Coach Diploma® (E&CCD®) jest kontynuacją Practitioner Coach Diploma® (PCD®) w ramach ścieżki rozwoju Corporate & Executive Coaching. Pozwala na rozwinięcie umiejętności praktycznych i wiedzy z zakresu procesów coachingowych wykorzystywanych w organizacjach i korporacjach, zarówno indywidualnych jak i grupowych. Kurs oferowany jest w wersji anglojęzycznej.


Certyfikaty i akredytacje

Executive & Corporate Coach Diploma® (E&CCD®) umożliwia uczestnikom zdobycie międzynarodowej certyfikacji, przyznawanej przez następujące organizacje:

  • Noble Manhattan Coaching – poziom Senior Corporate Coach (SCNMC) w ścieżce Managerial & Corporate Coaching,
  • Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) – ILM (poziom 7);
    • wymagana dodatkowa opłata za członkostwo opłacana do ILM – 115GBP,
  • International Institute of Coaching (IIC) – poziom Master Coach;
    • spełnione wymagania edukacyjne (350 godzin kursu),
    • należy przedstawić certyfikat ukończenia kursu w Noble Manhattan Coaching,
    • należy przedstawić godziny praktycznego coachingu (min. 750 wymaganych),
    • należy dostarczyć swoje dwie nagrane sesje coachingowe,
    • należy dostarczyć 5 referencji od Klientów coachingowych,
    • należy odbyć rozmowę z Dyrektorem ds. Akredytacji IIC,
    • dodatkowa opłata aplikacyjna i za proces akredytacji – 235EUR.


Warunki cenowe

Cena kursu wynosi 16.000 PLN zw. z VAT
Dla studentów Noble Manhattan po kursach PCD® lub PCAD®12.000 PLN zw. z VAT.

Warunki udziału

  • podpisanie umowy,
  • wypełnienie i podpisanie formularza zgłoszeniowego,
  • wpłata należnej kwoty,
  • minimum dyplom licencjata, poczynając od poziomu PCD® i wyższych,
  • rozmowa przyszłego uczestnika z osobą odpowiedzialną za rekrutację.


Course Content

Understand the Arena

You will commence your studies by undertaking a good overview of coaching in the workplace. You will look at methods, models and tools, business coaching, executive coaching, the manager as coach, and team coaching. You will learn a practical step-by-step approach that supports your understanding and development as a coach in the business and corporate environment.

In addition you will look at a practical approach to the world of leadership and what it takes to be a competent coach of leaders. You will explore material that considers the individual and what it takes for them to perform better within their organisations, and explores the relationship between the day-to-day behaviour of leaders and what might be the psychological “drivers” that underpin these behaviours.

Explore the Issues

Having established a good foundation of knowledge of coaching in the workplace, you will focus on 4 main areas which are prevalent in the business environment.   Produced in self study format, these highly interactive modules are designed to consolidate and increase your learning whilst offering the fexibility and portability to facilitate learning that fits around your existing lifestyle and business commitments.  You will select two of these for further research.

  • Executive Coaching

Defnitions of Executive Coaching / Coaching models / Core competencies / Managing the Executive Coaching process / Return on investment

  • Team Coaching

The process for coaching teams / Outlining profiling systems to use in team coaching situations / Modelling characteristics and behaviours of high performance teams / Developing your team coaching skills

  • Leadership

Qualities and behaviours of leadership / Leadership skills for the Coach / Developing leadership strategies / Coaching skills for leaders

  • Organisational Culture and Managing Change

Types and causes of change / Life cycle of typical change initiatives / The need for coaching interventions and opportunities / Analysis, recognition and implementation tools for coaches to support organisational change

Acquire Knowledge and Know How

Verbal tuition will be provided via a comprehensive range of teleclasses which cover the following subjects:

  • The ABC Model
  • Corporate Coaching Competencies
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Leadership
  • Building Vision
  • Team Coaching
  • Developing Workplace Culture
  • Managing Change
  • Values
  • Global Working or Global Working & Cultural Difference
  • Managing Confict
  • Diversity and Human Difference

You can listen to these sessions online or downloaded onto your MP3 player for convenient, portable studying.

Develop Your Skills

Already, you will be familiar with all the basic coaching skills, and will now start working one-to-one with your dedicated Corporate Mentor Coach to develop them in the context of coaching in the workplace.  During each of the four one-hour sessions your corporate mentor coach will act as your client (for some of the time)  whilst you continue to develop your coaching skills for the business and corporate environment by addressing issues common to that arena. You will be provided with thorough feedback and guidance on the progression of your skills.

Receive Supervision

As part of the Diploma programme you are provided with telephone-based supervision with a specialist supervisor coach.  This aims to develop a working relationship which promotes your professional growth as a coach – with the supervisor’s role being to reflect back to you where they perceive possible or actual unconscious processes or where your professional approach can be strengthened.

Enjoy an Intense Learning Experience 3 Day Residential Weekend

The intensive, comprehensive and highly interactive 3 day residential workshop gives you the theory, demonstration and practise of Corporate Coaching skills in a safe and secure environment. Under the guidance of fully experienced Coaches and Tutors you participate in themed training sessions where every opportunity is taken to put theory into practise through a series of individual, syndicate and group activities.

Noble Manhattan’s preferred study centres are chosen with care and consideration. Our professional approach and considerable experience has shown that for our students to get the very best training, the environment must not only be conducive good learning but to also reflect the importance of the training undertaken. Study centres that maximise the learning process and reflect the standards of our training include Eynsham Hall in Oxford. It is a premier training centre that meets the NM’s stringent requirements. The Hall, set in superb landscaped gardens, nestles in some of the UK’s most beautiful countryside and is within easy reach of the M40. When you visit for the first time you will be inspired by its breathtaking beauty and immediately feel refreshed and energised. First class cuisine and private rooms with en-suite facilities ensure delegates enjoy the learning experience in a comfortable, relaxed and friendly environment where customer service is paramount.

Covered by the residential and its supporting notes:

  • ABC: working with the 3-D model
  • Being a Coach
  • Building a Coaching Practice
  • Coach as Catalyst
  • Coaching Clients Who Need to Manage Change
  • Coaching and Managing Politics in the Workplace
  • Coaching Masterclass
  • Coaching Perspectives and Frameworks
  • Coaching Practice and Feedback (peers and faculty)
  • Coaching Review and Audit
  • Corporate Coaching Competencies
  • Leadership Coaching: Competencies Models and Perspectives Role of the Leadership Coach
  • Ethical Practice
  • Multiple Perspectives

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